AN electric timber truck being used as part of a major trial in Scotland has been hailed as a "great success" so far. 

James Jones and Sons' Volvo FM Electric is one of two currently running in a three-year scheme to test the suitability of battery-powered vehicles in timber haulage.

Supported by the likes of Scottish Forestry and Scotlog Sales, the project has seen the timber processor using its 40-tonne articulated lorry to transport wood from its sawmill in Lockerbie to its Hangingshaw national distribution centre. A 44-tonne electric Volvo is separately being put to the test in Inverness. 


Sharing a recent update on the progress of its timber truck following a visit from Scottish Forestry, a James Jones and Sons' statement read: "To date, the EV lorry, being leased from Volvo UK and supported by Scottish Forestry, has been a great success and is providing invaluable data on the use of this technology in the field. 

"Monitoring will continue in respect of range, electricity use and other outputs through various applications over the next two years." 

A key element of the three-year trial is that all the partners involved are committed to sharing their experiences of running the electric lorries with others in the timber and rural haulage sectors. This information can be viewed on the web portal Vehicle Updates - Creel Maritime Ltd.

Creel Maritime consultants are monitoring the use of the lorries and arranging knowledge exchange opportunities over the course of the scheme.

Forestry Journal: James Jones and Sons' truck has been hailed as a 'great success' so far James Jones and Sons' truck has been hailed as a 'great success' so far (Image: Supplied)

The James Jones and Sons statement added: "Dr William Clark, forestry transport and innovation advisor for Scottish Forestry, visited our Lockerbie site. 

"We had discussions around sustainable timber haulage and what infrastructure is required for the successful expansion in the use of EVs throughout the forest industry supply chain, stemming from our first-hand experience at Lockerbie. 

"We also discussed the existing and future growth opportunities for rural employment in south-west Scotland within the forest sector, based on a range of traditional and new technologies that utilise the available commercial softwood timber in this region."