USING a tiltrotator can improve fuel efficiency when working with an excavator. 

That's according to manufacturer Rototilt, which says early tests with its new Rototilt Control (RC) series of attachments have shown "significant energy savings" that could amount to "thousands of euros" a year. 

The Sweden-based firm has revealed that lab trials indicate a reduction in fuel consumption of between 1-2 litres per hour for a 20-tonne machine, compared to its previous products. 

“The results are impressive, to say the least,” said Sven-Roger Ekström, product manager at Rototilt. “A tiltrotator makes it easier for you to work with an excavator, thanks to the increased flexibility of the work tool’s movements. 

"It enables you to adjust the angle and rotation of the work tool, which in turn makes it easier to carry out tasks with fewer machine movements. This saves fuel, but it has even more advantages in the long run." 

Rototilt Control is a recently-introduced product line from Rototilt comprising a tiltrotator series, a control system, joysticks and an app for remote support. 

All the tiltrotators in Rototilt’s range are available in the RC series, and are also known as RC Tiltrotators.

“We call this the tiltrotator effect,” Sven-Roger added. “We have always known that there is a big difference between working with and without a tiltrotator. 

"Not only do you need to use fewer machines, but you can also carry out the task at hand with fewer movements and changes of position. This saves both fuel and time, as well as reducing the impact on the ground where you are working. It therefore has a number of positive environmental effects.”

He added: “We have taken measurements comparing our previous series with the new, pressure-compensated hydraulics in the RC4-RC9.

"We have managed to improve the efficiency of our product, enabling it to perform the same task with reduced energy consumption.”