FOREST Technology Group (FTG) Källefall has introduced the possibility of installing the FB53T crane on the FB30D trailer. 

To enable such a combination on a three-tonne trailer, the manufacturer had to reinforce the frame and include necessary updates to the gate and support legs design. The FB53T provides a total reach up to 5.3 metres and a 510 kg lifting capacity at max reach.

Equipped with a three-tonne rotator, the FB53T also has a FB160 grapple, valve CRV60/8 (2 lever/3 coord.), slew motor with four slewing cylinders (cast iron housing), rotator link with pending brake, connection of hydraulic hoses to rotator.

The FB30D single-axle trailer has a double beam frame, protective gate, rigid drawbar without steering (upwards or downwards), without brakes, and hydraulic telescopic support legs.

Elsewhere, it has a valve block holder, wheel mudguards, anchor points for lashing straps, take holder for one-metre wood, integrated LED rear lights, four bunks, eight straight stakes (loading capacity 3,000 kg; max. permissible weight 5,000 kg) and 11.5/80-15.3 10 PR wheels.

FTG has unveiled a series of updates in recent months, which has included the launch of a driven version of a popular trailer. 

Designed to tackle the toughest terrains, the new FB70 2WD, part of the Källefall range, is said to combine the firm's "signature easy-climb bogie with the unbeatable power of Black Bruin hub motors" on the rear wheels.

It follows the recent addition of a FB70 trailer with a FB63TS crane and the introduction of even more choice to the FB90D line-up.