ACCESS equipment manufacturer Petzl has launched its new Eject friction saver, designed to allow a work rope to be set up without causing damage to the tree.

Compatible with 10 to 13 mm diameter ropes, the system enables multiple set-up configurations on the branch: wrap-around or choked. It also has an adjuster, allowing for precise length adjustment of the friction saver.

The Eject comes supplied with a 1.5 m high-visibility yellow strap, and work can be carried out on larger trees by replacing or linking the strap to another 1.5 or 2.5 m strap to lengthen the friction saver.

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Rope installation is possible only if the friction saver is correctly set up and the gated attachment point is locked, while rope ascents and movement in the tree are optimised with the high-efficiency pulley, which facilitates rope glide at the anchor.

Even though the Eject is intended for use on doubled ropes, the system may also be used on a single rope. The Eject also allows two-person use, making it possible to carry out a rescue.

Weighing 490 g, the Eject has a maximum load of 250 kg, and a breaking strength of 25 kN.

The included 21 mm yellow retrieval ball is intended to make the system easily retrievable from the ground, while the slimness of the strap and buckle helps reduce the risk of the friction saver getting stuck in the tree during retrieval.

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