BSW Timber Group has acquired Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd in a deal described as securing the future for the delivery of home-grown British trees to the UK forest industry.

In addition, the acquisition will enable Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings to progress with its expansion plans, including scientific research work. The foundations for this work have been supported over many years by the close working relationship with Tilhill Forestry, also part of the BSW Group.

Maelor Forest Nurseries is located in Wrexham and produces an extensive range of commercial forestry and native broadleaf species, marketing almost 30 million trees a year to customers throughout the UK and Europe. The company plans to expand into Scotland in the near future and is also heavily involved in the scientific research associated with the production of improved tree stock with enhanced genetics.

According to BSW, the acquisition will immediately benefit the quality tree supply to the whole of the forest industry by means of Maelor’s forthcoming expansion into Morayshire, the result of which will provide the facilities to bring an additional 5 to 10 million plants into the supply chain annually.

Tony Hackney, BSW Timber Group chief executive, said: “This is a significant acquisition for both the BSW Group and the forest industry as a whole. Maelor’s strength lies in bringing quality home-grown trees to the market and in providing a platform for the research involved in ensuring a sustainable supply of better-quality trees for the future. This acquisition is a key component of BSW’s vision for the future of forestry and its strategy of vertical integration providing high-quality resultant timber products. We are really looking forward to working with Mike and his team and exploring areas for potential growth.”

Mike Harvey, managing director of Maelor Forest Nurseries, said: “I am delighted that the future of Maelor Forest Nurseries Holdings Ltd has been secured. This is an extremely exciting step in the history of the company and one that is going to bring a multitude of benefits to not only our existing customers but forestry as a whole. In particular, we can now press ahead with our expansion plans and increase production. The forest industry can consider that, as of today, the future of commercial trees as its key commodity is now significantly healthier.”