UTILITY vehicle manufacturer Kawasaki has launched its 2020 Mule range. 

Consisting of four variants, the Mule PRO and SX range encompasses a variety of engine capacities and vehicle sizes.

Smallest in the range for 2020 is the now fuel injected SX 4x4. For tight spaces and budget-friendly running costs, this 401 cc air-cooled petrol-engined vehicle is said to be often users’ first taste of Mule ownership. 

Underpinning the SX is the dramatically styled PRO-MX with quad headlamps, automotive style doors and dashboard, plus all practical touches such as, according to Kawasaki, a generous tipping load bed and impressive towing capability.

Spearheading the Mule line in the coming season are the PRO-DXT and PRO-DX models, both of which feature 3-cylinder diesel engines, electrically selectable 2WD and 4WD, LED lights and large volume tilting cargo beds. The PRO-DXT also has the ability to convert from one row of seating to two, which the manufacturer describes as being advantageous to working parties and those suddenly needing to transport people in place of loads safely and securely.