SALTEX is set to feature the latest products and innovations relating to the upkeep and management of the UK’s green spaces, many of which are in the arborist’s wheelhouse.

Chainsaw manufacturer Stihl will be showcasing an array of new products including the new MSA 220 C-B cordless chainsaw, the most powerful in the Stihl range. Powered by a 36 V Lithium-Ion battery, the new saw comes as standard with the STIHL exclusive 3/8” Picco Super 3 (PS3) full chisel saw chain with a guide bar length of 35 cm/14”.

On woodchipper manufacturer Timberwolf’s stand will be two sub-750 kg road-tow woodchippers – the petrol-powered 160PH TW and the best-selling diesel TW 230DHB. With a towing weight of 608 kg, the 160PH features a 22 hp Honda engine, double-sided reversable blades, 16 mm x 160 mm infeed opening, and offers 152 mm cutting performance and an average chip size of 14.9 mm.

The 230DHB is powered by a 35 hp Kubota 4-cylinder engine and features a feed opening of 230 mm x 160 mm, 5 tonnes p/h throughput, quad force rollers, 280-degrees adjustable discharge and an 18 mm average chip size.

ECHO’s rear-handle professional chainsaw – the CS-2511WES – will also be on show. With a dry weight of 2.6 kg, the chainsaw is described as offering an excellent power-to-weight ratio and being highly manoeuvrable in small spaces. It features a two-stroke engine which produces an output of 1.1 kW.

As part of its vision of a more efficient, cleaner and enjoyable way of working, Husqvarna will be focusing on battery and robotic solutions at this year’s SALTEX, with battery-powered chainsaws and hedge trimmers set to feature in its product lineup.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see the new EVO 165 woodchipper series on the GreenMech stand, in petrol, diesel and, for the first time, in tracked form. The culmination of three years in design, testing and production, the EVO is said to deliver more aggressive torque, more powerful bite and more throughput.

The EVO features a new heavy-duty flywheel, optimised from a 25 hp Kubota diesel or 37 hp Vanguard petrol engine option; a new one-piece chassis; and a new safety bar system. A new centralised greasing point and more accessible vertical and horizontal shear bars aim to make routine maintenance easier to carry out.

Visitors to SALTEX will also be the first to see the EVO in tracked format. The new EVO 165DT shares the same diesel engine as the road-tow version, with the addition of a horizontally expanding track.

The T H White stand will feature what is believed to be the world’s first 6” turntable woodchipper from Jensen. The new A530L turntable model, which will be launched at the event, has also been shortlisted in the Saltex 2019 Innovation Awards.

With the ability to turn the turntable up to 270 degrees, users can load the A530L from a range of angles around the machine and directly from the verge. The 270-degree rotating chute also means that users can fully configure the input and output directions.

Available as a road-towable woodchipper, the A530L turntable is powered by a 35 hp petrol engine and can process up to 15 cubic metres of timber and brash per hour. Other features include galvanised steel chassis, safety sensors fitted as standard, a toolkit fitted to the machine, built-in control box to record hours and servicing intervals and incorporated storage box.

There will also be a host of seminars taking place across the two-day event, with John Parker of the Arboriculture Association’s talk on tree health being of particular relevance.

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