TREES have been in the news a fair bit lately – but not for the right reasons.

We’ve had Sheffield City Council making a public apology in the wake of a damning report into rampant tree felling, followed soon after by the resignation of the leader of Plymouth City Council.

This was prompted by the felling of 100 mature trees, signed off in the dead of night, to the fury of local campaigners.

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There was the story of half a million newly planted trees left to die along a 21-mile stretch of road and of plans to fell a traditional orchard near Cambridge to make way for a bus route.

This is dispiriting stuff to those who work in the treecare industry – and serve as reminders that across the country, at all levels, those who care for trees need to be prepared to stand up for them and ensure they are nurtured.

Forestry Journal: Hundreds of trees were felled in Plymouth Hundreds of trees were felled in Plymouth (Image: Supplied)

I’m sure many of these stories will still be getting talked about at next month’s ARB Show.

We hope to see you there!