THE winter months can be challenging for an arb-focussed publication.

There’s not as much tree work happening and those who are still out and about would prefer you hold off on visiting them till the weather’s a bit better.

It’s always a relief then, when the days start to get a little longer and a little warmer and you begin to see your diary filling up.

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One of the most exciting events I’ve pencilled in for the months ahead is The Big Rescue Event on 24 June, which promises to build on the success of the inaugural Big Rescue in 2018 to deliver an unmissable experience for professional tree climbers.

Between that, the combined ARB Show and APF, plus a few other planned excursions, I’m expecting this summer to be a busy one.

Forestry Journal: The Arb Show has merged with APF this year The Arb Show has merged with APF this year (Image: APF)

That said, we’re always able to pack more in, so if you’re interested in us paying you a visit and featuring your business in the magazine, let me know!