Dear editor,

I have just read the article ‘Testing times for British logs’ in the April issue of Forestry Journal.

I would like to comment that I admire the professional and local sourcing business model that Test Valley Logs has described in the article. However, I do take exception to the article being used to berate those firewood merchants who choose to sell imported kiln-dried firewood.

For most firewood merchants, the need for consistent quality and regular supplies dictates the need to import. Like myself, most of my wholesale customers would choose to sell British-produced firewood if the quantities and quality were readily available from UK producers, stacked in eco-friendly wooden crates.

To suggest that firewood merchants are somehow lying about the source of their firewood is at best disingenuous, considering the photographs shown in the article feature a Bobcat manufactured in South Korea, a Nissan Cabstar manufactured in Spain, a Palax firewood processor manufactured in Finland, a Stihl chainsaw manufactured in China/Germany, and a Posch net wrapper manufactured in Austria. Suddenly their claim, “we’re firm believers in local produce” does not quite stack up.

I would like to finish by again saying how much I admire their set-up and truly wish them well. But please, there really is no need to try to berate your competitors.


Niall Whyte

The Real Firewood Company Ltd

Cairnhill Farm, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland TD11 3LT D