WE’VE got lots to talk about.

When I saw ‘we’, I mean the forestry industry as a whole. Boy, do we ever have a lot to discuss.

Spiralling costs are threatening to put companies out of business at the same time as demand for timber and firewood shoots sky-high. Fantastic job opportunities abound, but where are the skilled workers to fill them? Governments are united behind a push for tree planting, but in many regions efforts to get them in the ground are stymied. Exciting technological developments continue apace, but lead times for new machinery and equipment get ever longer as the second-hand market booms.

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We’ve got issues to address around pests and diseases, public perceptions of forestry, education, sustainability, the promotion of women in the industry, and the ever-sore point of safety regulation. And that’s just off the top of my head!

All of these subjects and many more are certain to be discussed at the APF, which, as well as being a great marketplace for machinery and equipment and a thriving hub for competitions and entertainment, is set to become the industry’s biggest talking shop.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited, though I know there’s no chance I’ll be able to speak to everyone I want to and cover all that we should. We will, however, do our best.

While I know plans can quickly go out the window at such events, my own intention is to be on the Forestry Journal stand for most of the mornings, out and about seeing exhibitors in the afternoon, but there will be someone from the team on the stand, ready with a warm welcome, throughout. 

I’d like to extend an invitation to all readers to drop by to say hello and share whatever’s on your chest. 

We’ll be eager to hear it!

Keep an eye across our social media channels and website for extensive coverage of next week's APF.