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As well as theft, forest machines face the threat of fire (particularly given the nature of the environment in which they work). Demonstrating its own solution – in spectacular fashion – was Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression.

Operations manager Graham Imms was able to show visitors exactly how the system works, setting light to two engine blocks and extinguishing them with the application of foam and powder.

He said: “It’s the first time we’ve exhibited at the APF and a market which is absolutely screaming out for the product. It’s really key that people in the industry are able to see what we do.”

Illustrating the installation of the system on a Pronar machine from Global Recycling, he said: “What you have is a pressurised cylinder and pressurised tube, our detection circuit, which runs around all the risks inside the machine.

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"As soon as it feels a fire start, the tube bursts, opens up the valve in the cylinder and both agents come out together. The powder puts the fire out really quickly, then the foam acts as a backup agent to cool the hot components and reduce the risk of reignition.

“We do save machines week in, week out. Eight machines in the last two weeks, which works out at £1.9 million of equipment, all fitted with our systems.”

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