HUSQVARNA has unveiled a series of new products, including updated editions of its 560 XP and 562 XP chainsaws. 

The manufacturer also revealed what it called "the world's first battery chainsaw with a clutch" and a communication headset to rival its competitors. 

Announced during a Professional Press event on Thursday, the battery-powered 542i XP and T542i XP saws are aimed at enticing petrol users to make the switch to electric, while offering "outstanding cutting capacity". Meanwhile, X-Com Active, which can connect to up to 10 devices, is Husqvarna's first headset. 

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But it was the 560 XP Mark II and the 562 XP Mark II that opened the showcase. Featuring new engines and improved fuel efficiency – eight per cent up on their predecessor – the saws' start-up sequence has also been redesigned. 

"The two saws are the result of several years of development," said Anders Lundberg, product director, tree professionals. "I can assure you that no compromises have been made on these saws when it comes to reliability. 

Forestry Journal: Host Magdalena Kolwalczyk and Anders LundbergHost Magdalena Kolwalczyk and Anders Lundberg (Image: PR)

"During the development of the Mark IIs, manoeuvrability has been a key factor to refine, which many see as the DNA of Husqvarna chainsaws. 

"There are several aspects that reduce the strain on your body during the handling of your chainsaw. 

"The bar is mounted inside the clutch, meaning we have better possibility to load off the weight on the log. During limbing, it is easier to move it around." 

Forestry Journal: The 542i XP impressed one Husqvarna ambassador The 542i XP impressed one Husqvarna ambassador (Image: PR)

The 560 can be fitted with a bar of between 15 and 20 inches, while the 562 between 18 and 28 inches. 

Anders added: "We have made starting as easy as it should be on these types of saws." 

Meanwhile, of the 542i XP and T542i XP, Martin Haard said: "The user will actually feel and hear when there is too much pressure on the chainsaw. 

"The clutch will help the user adjust the pressure and avoid unnecessary stops." 

The product manager, battery chainsaws and accessories, added: "We also think the saws will attract more petrol users. 

Forestry Journal: The X-Com Active is Husqvarna's first headset The X-Com Active is Husqvarna's first headset (Image: PR)

"The saws will feel more familiar and they will get all the battery benefits." 

The products are the latest to launched by Husqvarna, coming hot on the heels of the 540 XP Mark III, which was shown off for the first time at APF 2022. 

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