A tree surgeon traversed the length of Hadrian's Wall on New Year's Day as a personal response to the illegal felling of the iconic Sycamore Gap tree.

Nick Wilson completed the challenge by banking a total of 87.69 miles, in 23 hours and 10 minutes. 

Nick, the founder of Green Line Arb, an app software company for tree surgeons, launched this fundraising effort to support both the Wilderness Foundation and the National Trust.

The much-loved 200-year-old Sycamore Gap tree was illegally felled under mysterious circumstances in September last year. 

Since the ball got rolling on the Syca-MORE GAIN Challenge, Nick has raised over £2,000 on the JustGiving page. 

"That incredible tree reminded us all of how magical nature is, and we grieved the loss of that beautiful being like one of our own.

"The idea was to try and make an impact whilst the incident was still fresh in everyone's mind," Nick said. 

Nick set off on the first minute of January 1 from Bowness-on-Solway.

Forestry Journal: Nick begins 24 hour challenge at Wallsend, January 1Nick begins 24 hour challenge at Wallsend, January 1 (Image: Green Line ARB)

His mission had to brave natural barriers such as flooding and fallen trees due to storm damage.

"Mentally I was in high spirits and enjoying myself, but I didn't take into account the elevation. 

"The ground was so boggy, farmers' fields underwater and sodden. I would be losing my feet under the ground. 

"I was expecting to fast march the whole thing but I had to run on the decline because I was slowed down so much," Nick, a second generation arborist, said. 

Forestry Journal: There was widespread angst when the tree was felled last year There was widespread angst when the tree was felled last year

Green Line Arb extends an invitation to nature enthusiasts, arborists, and the public to join this symbolic journey.

Inspired by the Mycelium fungi that forms a network for trees, their app connects the public with industry operators for better collaboration, acting as the digital equivalent of the Mycelium network.

Donations to support the cause can still be made directly through the Green Line Arb website www.greenlinearb.com/syca-more-gain-fundraiser or the JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/team/greenlinearb 

This article originally appeared in our sister title, the Hexham Courant.