THE organisers of APF are considering submitting a bid to host the World Logging Championships (WLC) in 2028 – but need your help to do so. 

Chiefs of the Warwickshire showpiece are hoping to stage the APF Loggers Championships during September’s event, which would act as a precursor to the possibility of welcoming the best loggers from across the globe in four years’ time.

The WLC was last staged at APF 2002 in Lockerbie.

The competition consists of five disciplines which all competitors must compete in to decide the overall winner. These events are the felling, precision crosscut, crosscut by combined cuts, fitting a new chain and snedding. Contestants are judged on speed and accuracy. 

The event would be run to the International Association Championship rules, with 25–30 competitors from both the UK and Europe. It will take place over the three days of the show and culminate in a team event.

However, APF organisers say they need sponsorship if they are to run a contest of the “size and complexity” of the WLC. 

A spokesperson added: “This could either be one main headline sponsor or a sponsor for each of the five disciplines. The cost to sponsor one event would be £6,000 + VAT.” 

In addition to full arena branding and naming the event after the sponsor or sponsors, sponsors would also get the following benefits:

• Sponsor’s logo on all APF 2024 advertising
• Sponsor’s logo on the front cover of the APF 2024 catalogue
• Sponsor’s feature article in an edition of Forestry Journal
• First refusal for sponsorship on future APF and UK Loggers competitions.

For further information, contact Ian Millward on 01428 723545 or email: